Endures is present on the 3rd Corrosion protection for offshore wind conference in Bremen, Germany. During the conference corrosion prevention strategies for offshore wind structures such as cathodic protection systems, coating systems, advanced monitoring, MIC and updates on guidelines and standards are discussed in presentations but also in round table discussions in close dialogues with experts from the different knowledge fields.

Our expert for fouling control and material protection, Dr. Job Klijnstra, is giving a presentation on 08.03.17 at 12:15 about “Protective coatings and prevention of MIC: trends, experience and open questions”.

The presentation will cover:

  • Protective coatings in maritime applications: some case studies
  • Microorganisms and protective coatings: (how) do they interact?
  • Which prevention strategy against MIC is useful and when?

Furthermore, our expert for MIC and biofilms, Dr. Nanni Noël, will lead one of the round table discussion about MIC on 08.03.17 at 14:45 which gives the possibility to ask questions and exchange new insights.

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